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Tammy Sanders



Fairfield Intermediate School

5th Grade Social Studies

Tammy Sanders



  I am extremely excited that your student is in my classroom this year!

 I feel it is critical that the teacher, parents, and the student

work together to ensure a successful school year.

 Researched-based studies show children will retain more information in school when parents/guardians are actively involved in a child’s learning.  A student has an advantage when parents/guardians are engaged in  homework, reading and school activities.

In our Social Studies class we will learn how to create research-based projects and presentations.  Most work will be completed in class.


7:50 AM - School Starts!

    *Please Be On Time*        

7:50-9:15   1st Period (Sanders)

   9:15-10:30  2nd Period (McDowell)

  10:30-10:45  Recess

  10:45-11:30  3rd Period Split (Burgess)

  11:30-12:00  Lunch

  12:00-1:00   Specials

   1:00-1:30    3rd Period Split (Burgess)

   1:30-2:00    RTI

   2:00-3:15    4th Period (Collins)

   3:15-3:25    Homeroom




Our class will use an interactive journal that will be kept in the classroom. 


              **If you have any concerns, please give me a call during conference from                          11:30-12:15 at 903-389-7095 or email    



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